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Alphabetically ordered Site Map using Site Directory within MOSS 2007

Here’s a quick and easy way to produce an alphabetically ordered Site Map using the Site Directory within Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Open the the Pages library within the Site Directory site  – for a default MOSS installation this will be  http://yoursite/SiteDirectory/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx.

Select the Open in Windows Explorer option from the Actions menu.  Within the Explorer window, copy the sitemap.aspx page and rename the copied file to AlphabeticalSiteMap.aspx.

Navigate to the Site Directory landing page, http://yoursite/SiteDirectory/Pages/category.aspx, then select the Edit Page option from the Site Actions menu:

Click on the Add New Tab link and complete the fields as shown below the click on OK to create the new tab:

New Item form used to specify details of new Site Directory tab.

The new tab based upon AlphabeticalSiteMap.aspx will then be displayed.  At this stage it will be identical to the original Site Map tab.  

To customise the tab’s display options, click on the Edit Page option within the Site Actions menu and then click on Modify Shared Web Part option for the Site Map web part:

On the Site Map Web Part task pane, edit the Sort Sites By property to have the value Title:

Click OK to save the changes, and Publish the page as required.


The Site Map Web Part being customised is simply a Table of Contents Web Part and can be quite extensively customised.  

The content is drawn from the current (left-hand) navigation of the root site, and sub-sites if the Levels to show property is greater than 1.  This can cause problems as non-site items such as a Documents folder that appear in the current navigation also appear in the Site Map.  In addition, sites not listed in the current navigation will not appear in the Site Map.

This can be quite confusing, so I would recommend the following:

  • do not add folders to the current navigaton
  • add Sites to the current navigation and mark those that are not to appear within the left-hand navigation control as Hidden; update the Site Map Web Part and set the Include hidden sites checkbox
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