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SharePoint Guidance Package and VSeWSS 1.3 CTP


This appears to be fixed with the February release of the VSeWSS 1.3 CTP. Download it here.

A quick tip to get the Microsoft patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance to deploy correctly when using VSeWSS 1.3 January CTP, based upon the November 2008 release of the SharePoint Guidance package…

Using the instructions given here, when attempting to deploy the Contoso.TrainingManagement project the following error may be encountered:

The feature name Contoso.TrainingManagementSiteElements already exists in the current Solution. You need to rename the feature before deployment can succeed.

This problem arises because the TrainingManagementSiteElements feature doesn’t yet exist in the Contoso.TrainingManagement/pkg folder and, when VSeWSS creates the new feature.xml for this, it incorrectly assigns a new Guid to the feature id. Instead the TrainingManagementSiteElements feature should use the same id as specified in feature element in the solution.xml file:

    <feature id="4352f7c6-0036-419e-9502-4680b318972c">
        <featureElement id="9d3e4ec3-da66-496c-b159-12d06681c09a" 
           name="Contoso.TrainingManagementSiteElements" />

To correct this issue, edit the feature.xml file in the Contoso.TrainingManagement/pkg/TrainingManagementSiteElements folder and replace the id with the feature id from the solution.xml file, e.g. “4352f7c6-0036-419e-9502-4680b318972c” based upon the example above.

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