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Consuming Filter Web Parts with a Web Part containing a User Control

When wrapping an ASP.NET User Control in a web part, the user control is usually loaded in the CreateChildControls() method as shown below:

protected override void CreateChildControls()
  if (!_error)

       // Your code here...
       MyWebUserControl myControl = 
       myControl.DataProperty = SomeProcessing();
    catch (Exception ex)

Unfortunately this causes a problem when the embedded user control is to consume filter values coming from a web part connection because connections are evaluated after the CreateChildControls() method is executed. In the example above, when the SomeProcessing() method is executed no filter connections will have been created and therefore no filter values are available.

Therefore a mechanism is required to access the filter values later in the web part life cycle, perform filtering and update the user control with the filtered data.

The most obvious solution is to simply move the loading of the user control until after the connection has been created, for example in the OnPreRender() event handler. However this seems a little too ‘hacky’ to me. If anyone has a better suggestion please leave a comment below.


  1. Steven Van de Crean lists the order of execution for the ASP.NET web part in this blog post.
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