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Adding Person or Group data to List Instance in CAML

October 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Here’s a quick gem from the comments on MSDN for Field Element (List -Definition).

…to set the value of a “Person or Group” field if the ID of the user is not known, …use the value “-1;#<domain>\<username>”.

This is useful in the scenario that you want to pre-populate a List Instance with data for a ‘Person or Group’ field (Type=”User” in CAML). 

The numeric component of the field’s value is the ID of the user within the UserInfo list within SharePoint and this value will change for the same user in different environments (for example development, test and production).  By setting this to ‘-1’, SharePoint will resolve the specified fully qualified domain name of the user against the UserInfo list for the current environment.

Thanks to Rudolph de Wet for the advice.